SAP SQL Anywhere 17

SQL Anywhere 17 provides technologies for data management and enterprise data exchange. This package enables the rapid development of database-powered applications for server, desktop, mobile, and remote office environments.

Data management technologies 

SQL Anywhere provides enterprise-caliber databases that are designed to handle the challenges of operating in many different frontline environments, from a high performance database server deployed with an independent software vendor application, to a mobile database that can be deployed to tens of thousands of handheld devices within the enterprise.

Data exchange technologies 

SQL Anywhere offers several data exchange technologies to handle the complexities of exchanging data across unreliable wired and wireless networks to backend databases, application servers, and messaging systems.

Design and management tools 

SQL Anywhere includes a suite of tools to improve the design and development of database-driven applications, and to simplify the management of databases and data exchange environments.

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Architecture Diagram

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